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Sakura Cotton Fabric Suit

Swaasti Sakura Cotton Fabric Suit


199 reviews

The pink cotton fabric for suits is a beautifully soft and lightweight material that is perfect for warm weather. The color is a lovely shade of pink that is neither too bright nor too pale, making it versatile enough for both casual and formal occasions.

₹ 2,599
"I recently purchased a kurti set from Swaasti.com, and I'm blown away by the amazing value for the price! The clothes are top-notch quality! The fabrics are soft and durable, and the attention to detail is impressive. What I love most about this small business is that they provide such excellent value for the price. The clothes are stylish and of great quality, but they're also affordable. I feel like I'm getting so much more for my money!"
Rekha Singh
Swaasti Sakura cotton Suit
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Sakura Cotton Fabric Suit